Enclosed (Cargo) Trailers

Today's cargo trailer has come a long way from the one you rented for your last do-it-yourself move. You only have to get caught in a summer thunderstorm at a contest once before you start to see the value of having something more substantial than a tent between you and the weather. Perhaps equally important is that you can store your competition gear in an enclosed trailer permanently - no more loading and unloading for every contest.


These trailers can be set up in many ways, from a dedicated comp trailer with RV appointments to a simple cargo box that does double duty carrying your tools or hauling grandma's piano. Because it is not specialized, it may be easier to resell a cargo trailer than a porch trailer.  A wide variety of colors, lengths and widths are available, and you can even extend your work space by cooking off the gate supported by jacks.

There is no need to settle for a stock configuration off of some dealer's lot. With a custom build, you can create exactly the configuration you wish, and of course we don't charge for sharing our experience gained from building trailers for many of the most successful BBQ teams on the circuit today.

For additional ideas, be sure to check out our gallery of popular features in the Porch Trailer section. Most of these can be added to enclosed trailers as well.

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